samedi 4 septembre 2010

Planet Alert


There seems to be a turning point when we reach the end of the sixth
night of the Mayan Calendar.
On November 2, 2010 we will move into the seventh day
and this will bring an entirely different energy to Earth.
Night is darkness, and it has felt like dark energy descended on this planet and
brought chaos to our world. It has been a time of major Earth changes,
and inner changes and they are not over yet. It's time to start getting
ready for the new year of November 2, 2010 by becoming peaceful and happy

On November 2, 2010 the north node will be conjunct Pluto, which is
considered the God of the Underworld, or the transformation God.
Will you betransformed by the time this aspect happens?

Then on December 21, there will be a total eclipse of the moon which
will be lined up with the Galactic Center.

This feels more like the end, or a new beginning to me than 2012
does, although there has been so much thought connected with 2012 that
something is bound to happen.
I think that is when we move totally into the
fifth dimension and time ceases to exist.
Time is a manifestation of the fourth dimension.

We have been in a process of breaking the seals on our seven main
Once this is complete you can start manifesting the eighth chakra which
is the soul star above your head.
The energy from this star comes in through
the back of your head and down through your spine,
at least it does with me.

This opened very dramatically for me back in the early nineties around
I heard an explosion in my head and became very dizzy.
I had been told ahead of time this chakra would be opened so
I wasn't concerned when it happened.

In my last article I talked about our reptilian brains being transformed
by the incoming energy.
This had to happen before our soul chakra could be
activated and our higher self could come down into our bodies.
I believe this happened to many people just recently.

When this chakra opened, a higher frequency part of our soul descended
into our bodies to help us become pure light.
The eighth chakra is the bridge between the
individual and their higher self.

This energy/light of your higher self needs to be
brought down through all your chakras including your legs and feet
down into the ground.

This is when you will be connected to heaven and to Earth
and then you can start living on the New Earth.
It's time to integrate this energy during this Mercury retrograde period
which ends on September 12, 2010.

One of the things that will happen from this process is regeneration
where we will become younger and will be able to do all the things we couldn't
do when we spent so much time clearing our bodies of negative thoughts and
releasing them to the light.

The Bible says that we will be changed instantly from mortal to immortal bodies.
I think this happens when we enter 'The Blue Fluff' which is a magnetic cloud in space.
If you haven't heard of 'The Blue Fluff'-Google it, our scientists know about its existence.
I have heard our solar system has just started entering this cloud in space.
Photon belt, maybe?

There will continue to be Earth changes as the year goes on.
They do not have to affect us.
If your light is shinning bright enough you will be
safe wherever you are.
You will be able to walk through fire without getting burned.
We will start to learn how to do the miracles that Jesus did when he
walked the Earth plane 2,000 years ago.
What an exciting time we are moving into.

Turn up your light and enjoy life. So Be It!

Love and light to everyone! *****Mahala